Thursday, 26 March 2009

ACW conversions

All done with a plastic putty that is really like the toysoldier plastic itself.These are the first I ever attempted. The top one is the American/Mexican war and its not finished.The one that still has putty all over it is a ACW Navy Captain.I'm looking for a hand with telescope!!"


Here are some original confections for Italian Canè soldiers.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009


The last two illustrations are by that great great artist Frederic Remington.
His prints/drawings are very important for us , they are of the period and done on the spot,  they give us some semblance of the way uniforms really were but looking at the prints and then looking at the Britain's cavalrymen we can see that the anachronism that Peter Cole of Replicants talked of is not really there so  there is little to distinquish the prints here from the soldiers except one thing; that very roughed up look and note that the gun does not have a cavalry holster.That's interesting.


Heres a cople of Indians from my collection.Superb Italian pieces.