Thursday, 28 January 2010


If Toy soldier collecting ever becomes intellectualised then that will come about from certain milestone production that goes beyond some middle aged drips playing with  Fisher Price pirate boats in the bath. The Atlantic company of Italy produced maybe the most visionistic set of soldiers maybe ever done.
These communists of Mao were very unusual and if we think of the amount of times a really adventurous subject has been done then we are left with the Atlantic company and hardly anyone else.
The other company that has done something like this is KING AND COUNTRY with their Gestapo set but that didn't go down well with the TOY SOLDIER Magazine , the same magazine that accepts ads saying "Napalm , I love the smell of Napalm in the morning". How many young children were burnt by Napalm in Nam. That was really offensive but the Gestapo thing was just a straight retelling of the real events of World War Two. The Toy Soldier Magazine offered no return of opinion when I called their bluff on this crap. Their critique of King and Country was totally Hip hop as in IP-O-Crit-Ti-KALL dude.
But there you go, I've never known would be moralists who were truly moral.
The Nazi, Mao. The Russian revolution. another great moment by Atlantic

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