Thursday, 16 December 2010

bits and pieces

Someone said these are britains, no way. But are they?

These are some of the best Italian plastics ever done,great style and moulding . But there are no St.Johns Knigts take them on. If replicants  could do it then great. I stopped buying them after they got steve weston on board (not my cup of tea) but they do nice stuff for sure. One thing would be that they did so I doldiers all in the same uniform pose like as in Guard attacking with bayonet for instance so then you could buy 20 in the same pose but Replicants are too individual . also weston's prices are too high for buying in bulk. I liked the 1 pound deal which I thought was fair but above that then I don't.

wooden and a bit boring but only divinia Hill does English culloden figures. I got interested in the battle after reading John Prebbles book on the conflict. Did you know kilts are English Victorian inventions? So the next time you see a Psy Yankee going round london in a Kilt then he's most likely a trans.

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