Sunday, 26 June 2011

my collection us infantry

i got this box of soldiers through the post from this bloke who couldn't pay for his soldiers, he'd ordered five metal napoleonics in unpainted form and said he wanted to see them before he paid so as it was a small, very small order, i sent them.Instead of sending me money he sent me about 200 plastic soldiers in lieu, the geezer is a big name in toy soldier world so this was odd.But within the package there were enough gems amongst the crap that more than paid for my trouble but that bloke just lost a supplier as I don't like piss takers and believe me theres plenty around.
Heres three old American plastic infantry, bet you can't spot the the post above you can see the near finished airfix piece


  1. Hello Maria,
    no idea for the left, the middle is an Airfix and the rigth one is a Guilbet soft plastic copie
    (have a looke here:

  2. Can you send me a list of all French plastic makers?

  3. Ok...send me your email adress on:

  4. French manufacturers:
    -Starlux (one of the most important in Europe),
    -Guilbert (some mold bought by Clairet),
    -Mokarex (coffe premiums),
    -Minialux,Miniajouet (same factory?)
    -Quiralux,(plastic Quiralu)
    -Vilco (70's Starlux, Quiralu, Tim-Mee copies),
    that's all I have in head for now, but I'm sure there are many more.