Monday, 11 July 2011

has mars already been visited?

Mars is the fourth  Mars probably got its name from the Greeks because of its red colour. In Greek mythology Mars is Ares, the god of war. Mars has been known and studied for a long time. It has been studied a lot from here at Earth itself. But Mars is a difficult planet to study completely from Earth because it is so tiny. In a secret missionAmerican nasa discovered that Mars has ruins from a very old civilisation. Fats Crampton the leader of the secret mission said that a chip shop was found near twin peaks and bottles of light ale were still drinkableThis info came to me from my mate who works at NASA

Washington 2013 The White House
For reasons of top security we have to reveal to the American public that a space mission to Mars was put into operation in 1990 and in 2008 a space ship reached the planet. Its findings were beyond imagination"
This is the speech that Obama will give to the world on the date above.The CIA have decided to send every fat bastard civil war re-enactor to MarsLandscape image captured by probe (Nasa)

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