Monday, 25 July 2011

Successful Blog

I haven't got many followers but I do have this, everything that appears on my blog or blogs sooner or later will appear on Toy soldier magazine as regards concepts (recently they did Texas Rangers and have started doing big photos. I don't think I'll get any feedback from them saying thanks for the idea but I don't expect any anyway since  they  never did pay me for an article I sent in that more or less appeared under a different name rewritten,this was about the Italian soldier firm Antonini, what can you do about that?
Thats not slander because the departing editor wrote me saying more or less this. When the editor who took over left there was not much love lost between him and the owners it seems although that is my impression.There was a parting note saying the editor has now left the building or shit like that , this didn't seem too nice.But anyway I've noticed that any kind of design or idea or concept finally ends up in the magazine. But I take it all as a kind of praise and its most likely unconsciously done. Its legal of course .

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