Sunday, 18 December 2011


An experienced longbowman would fire at about six arrows a minute, therefore in five minutes he would fire off around 30 arrows. In practice they could fire even faster but the strains and the draw weight would cause injuries to even the most experienced bowmen, a sort of medieval repetitive strain injury. It was estimated that medieval bowmen were drawing at around 90 to 110lbs, with some estimates suggesting that the draw-weight was as much as 150-160 lbs. By comparison modern longbows are about 60 lbs, despite modern man being stronger, taller and heavier. This is because archers in the medieval era would be trained as boys with the bows getting progressively heavier as they got older. 

Crossbowmen would fire at just less than half the speed of a longbowman, but the bolts or quarrels could
punch a hole in all but the thickest armour and they were more accurarate

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