Sunday, 15 January 2012

the 2nd invasion of russia against the workers

The North Russia Intervention, also known as the Northern Russian Expedition, was part of the Allied Intervention in Russiaafter the October Revolution. The intervention brought about the involvement of foreign troops in the Russian Civil War on the side of the White movement. The northern campaign lasted from the final months of World War I in 1918 through to 1919
50,000 Czechoslovaks (along the Trans-Siberian railway File:Prokudin-Gorskii-25.jpg28,000 Japanese, later increased to 70,000 (in the Vladivostok region and north) 24,000 Greeks (in the Crimea)40,000 British (in the Arkhangelsk and Vladivostok regions)File:Map of Russia - Arkhangelsk Oblast (2008-03).svg17,000 Poles - mostly 5th Rifle DivisionFile:5th Siberian Polish Division 1919.jpg (almost 12,000 men) in Siberia and 4th Rifle Division File:Odznaka 4 Dywizji Zeligowskiego.jpg(ca. 4000 men) in "Southern Russia", also a single 400-men-strong battalion in Murmansk within the Anglo-Slavic Legion13,000 Americans (in the Arkhangelsk and Vladivostok regions)12,000 French and French colonial (mostly in the Arkhangelsk and Odessa regions)4,192 Canadians (in the Vladivostok region1,100 Canadians (in the Murmansk and Arkhangelsk regions41 Canadians (in the Baku Region)4,000 Serbs (in the Arkhangelsk region)4,000 Romanians (in the Arkhangelsk region)2,500 Italians (in the Arkhangelsk region and Siberia)2,000 Chinese (in the Vladivostok region)150 Australians (mostly in the Arkhangelsk regions)

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