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File:Richard Neville by William Dobson.jpgNeville was born at Billingbear HouseFile:BillingbearHouse1669.jpg in Waltham St Lawrence in 1615.  He was the son of Sir Henry Neville who died in 1629 leaving Richard as his heir
 His mother, Elizabeth (née Smyth), was given immediate rights to the manor in her lifetime and she remarried Sir John Thorowgood and lived until 1669. Neville's grandfather was Henry Neville, the Elizabethan politician, diplomat and courtier.
Neville joined the Royalists and served under the Earl of Carnarvon at the Battle of Newbury in 1643. Carnarvon was killed and Neville took up the command.File:Newbury and surroundings.jpg
Neville was with the KIng at Oxford in 1646.
The Waltham St Lawrence Parish Registers recall that:
"September 17th, 1667, King Charles 2nd, with his brother James Duke of Yorke, Prince Rupert File:Rupert of the Rhine.jpgDuke of CumberlandJames Duke of Monmouth and many more of the nobles dined at Bellingbeare in the great Parlour".
When Neville died he left his possessions to his son, John, who died childless so they then passed to Richard, another son.

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