Monday, 12 March 2012

russian paras

The russians considered their troops expendable and sent them against the enemy in massive assaults that were sure to have high casualties,as regards paras jumping from planes without chutes well what would have been the point.
If not pulling the cord might have been an easy way out as regards to commit suicide well that may have happened who knows?. I mean this; it may be hard to imagine but soldiers in that war were thrilled when they were wounded because they wouldnt have to starve, freeze and be shelled in the awful cold for weeks on end. To die was maybe another choice.  

Russian Airborne Troops were first formed in the Soviet Union during the mid-1930s and arguably were the first regular paratrooper units in the world. They were massively expanded during World War II, forming ten Airborne Corps plus numerous Independent Airborne Brigades, with most or all achieving Guards status. The 9th Guards Army was eventually formed with three Guards Rifle Corps (37,38,39) of Airborne divisions. One of the new units was the 100th Airborne Division.
At the end of the war they were reconstituted as Guards Rifle Divisions. They were later rebuilt during the Cold War, eventually forming seven Airborne Divisions, an Independent Airborne regiment and sixteen Air Assault Brigades. These divisions were formed into their own VDV commands (Vozdushno-Desantnye Voyska) to give the Soviets a rapid strike force to spearhead strategic military operations.
Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, there has been a reduction in airborne divisions. Three VDV divisions have been disbanded, as well as one brigade and a brigade-sized training centre. Nevertheless, Russian Airborne Troops are still the largest in the world.
VDV troops participated in the rapid deployment of Russian forces in and around Pristina airport during the Kosovo War. They were also deployed in Chechnya as an active bridgehead for other forces to follow.File:Grozny-city center.jpg


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