Friday, 1 May 2015

"Type 33 B 1"

In the course of the first motorisation programme the German Army required the development of cross-country six-wheeled trucks with a capacity weight of 3 tonnes. Henschel supplied the first "Type 33 B 1" vehicles in 1928. Already by the following year the "Type 33 D 1" with a more powerful diesel engine (100 hp)had been introduced. This type is recognizable from its longer bonnet and extended wheelbase between first and second axles. In the early versions of the "Type 33 D 1" the rear axles were driven by separate drive shafts. This model kit is for the later version which from 1934 onwards had only one drive shaft with drive-through to the second rear axle and Simplex wheel rims. The model has attractive filigree and finely detailed components. There are optional decals for 3 German Army vehicles.

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