Tuesday, 31 March 2009


  1. Italeri Zouave that I am working on .I built up the pants as they were far too narrow.Italeri are always dissapointing in some ways.They have opportunity to create terrific stuff but invariably get it wrong.That said they have done some brilliant stuff. I just didn't understand why they did Zouaves without the typical voluminous pants
    My conversion of a BMC figure

    Another view

    How Zouaves really looked

    Two from Conte.Great stuff.

    Another view of my one.

    Again!!! One of my hand made boxes behind

    Series 77 Zouave that doesn't hit it like Conte

    original print of NYC Zouaves; but this asks the question were zouaves like this or like Van Gogh's painting?

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  1. In my view you are comparing things that are hard to compare. Van Gogh painted his Zouave in France. The guy pictured was an original North African inhabitant of the French Colonial Empire, very close to the genuine souce of the zouave clothing style. The American soldier represents a military fashion zouave. An imitation if you want to call it that way. It is without doubt that the Americans wore a more 'practical' version of the zouave costume. Materials will not have been the same. That goes for the cutting of the uniform parts too. The trousers were the first likely pieces to undergo 'modernification' in terms of using less cloth (money) in favour of the war effort.