Thursday, 2 April 2009

Some ACW that I've been doing

  1. The first photo above shows a infantry figure that I gave a full conversion to as well as giving him blond hair, he's hans Von Braun from Munch come to make his fortune at getting shot at in the war.I gotta fix that bayonet though!!! Jokes aside the next photo of Crescent cowboys has the colt bearing original figure below to the far right
  2. Below is the Lee figure from BMC given a new hat and I cut away the hat in his hand and put what will be a map
    Here is the full figure still unfinished

    An Iron Brigade conversion

    US Artillery officer.I'm still building up the hat

    Custer figure given a kepi plus new holster. I hate that pistol=too big

    The Crescent cowboy totally reworked and given a colt. Still unfinished.

    A group of conversions.

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