Saturday, 19 February 2011

lone star and crescent indians

He was 31 years old, and a Sepoy in the 6th battalion in the 13th frontier force, in the indian armywhen the following deed took place for which he was awarded the VC.
On 9 April 1945 near Fusignano, Italy, at the start of the Allied spring 1945 offensive Haidar's battalion was tasked with a difficult assault crossing of the Senio River. Only Sepoy Ali Haidar and the two other men of his section managed to get across under heavy machine-gun fire.
Then, while the other two covered him, the sepoy attacked the nearest strong point and, in spite of being wounded, put it out of action. In attacking a second strong-point he was again severely wounded but managed to crawl closer, throw a grenade and charge the post; two of the enemy were wounded, the remaining two surrendered. The rest of the company were than able to cross the river and establish a bridgehead

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