Saturday, 19 February 2011

my collection . maximillian armour

I was walking in vicenza in  1980 when i came across an old toy shop and bought a bunch of gthese old britains for pence.I photographed this with a hundred pound sony cybershot.
Maximilian armour is a modern term applied to the style of early 16th century German plate armour apparently first made for the Emperor Maximilian I. The armour is characterized by armets and close helmets with bellows visors, small fan-shaped narrow and parallel fluting often covering most of the harness (but never the greaves), etching, work taken from woodcuts and sharply waisted cuirasses and squared sabatons.
According to an alternative version the name is related with Maximilian II as the last Maximilian Armour was made especially for him in 1557 - 17 years after it passed out of use (according to Liliane Funcken & Fred Funcken[1] it passed out of use in 1540, but the last one was made for Maximilian II).
The armour itself was designed to imitate the pleated clothing that was considered fashionable in Europe at the time. This was a trend that was developing in 15th century Europe of creating armour that not only provided the maximum amount of protection, but was also visually pleasing. It combined the rounded Italian style of rounded armour production with the German fluted style.

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