Sunday, 22 May 2011

pirates by divinia hill ltd

Pirates were usually old sailors and war veterans that abandoned the navy and went into a life of piracy, they brought with them weapons and experience. Due to the lack of people and transportation they had to recruit and steal to begin the life of the the infamous piratee. After the ship they usually had small raids off of the coast and plundering on the open seas. They took supplies from the ships and left them to die, with little food and water.

Pirates were a hassle in 1802 on the Barbary states (North African states) because they harassed America on the seas. The pirates pried on merchant ships entering the Mediterranean sea, the pirates held the crews of the ships for ransom. America complied paying a least 2 million by the time Jefferson became president. Jefferson sent a small fleet to the Mediterranean to deal with protecting the merchant ships.

Piracy was ended when American and European forces destroyed pirate bases in 1815.

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