Saturday, 5 November 2011

hornby soldier train

Its the Good Guys versus the Bad Guys in this all action train set. Who is Good and who is Bad - only you can decide! The camouflaged train must travel around the track circuit carrying much needed supplies to the troops. The BattleMat included allows for the track circuit to be extended using the Hornby Track Packs, providing plenty of scope for an all action railway layout.
TrackMat 1600mm x 1280mm, Starter Oval + Track Pack A. 2 X tanks, 2 X 4X4 Jeep, 2 X set of army solders, 4 X sandbag bunkers, 0-4-0 locomotive, 2 X lomac wagons, box van.46 pounds if you go wonderland models 86  pounds in other places

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