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remember if you are a fucking ol lady stick to the garden.Doc Hollidays (Stacy Keach) and Kate Elder (Faye Dunaway) spend time at the Continental Hotel in Tombstone to find Wyatt Earp (Harris Yulin), deputy marshall of Cochise County, Arizonawho is striving to become the town's new sheriff in the election campaign. Along the way Doc Holliday met Virgil and Morgan Earp, two of Wyatt's brothers, and followed them to Tombstone to help his old time friend Wyatt. Once Wyatt becomes the sheriff, he and his friend face a fierce resistance from the "Cowboys" gathered around the Clanton family, who want to keep control of the town and don't accept his authority. The Cowboys were Ike Clanton (Michael Witney), Tom and Frank McLaury, and Billy Claiborne. Doc teaches The Kid (Denver John Collins) how to shoot a pistol. When the Civil War ended, he left Atlanta, Georgiaand went to Richmond, Virginia and then to Baltimore, Maryland, to be a dentist. After some time he decided to go out to the West, looking for a drier environment to cure his tuberculosis, for which he visits a Chinaman for herbs. At another point in the movie, he is takinglaudanum. In the end, the showdown at the OK Corral takes place during a fiesta. John Behan (Richard Mckenzie), Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday all survive the gunfight. Ike Clanton, Tom and Frank McClaury, and Billy Claiborne all die.

GLENWOOD Colorado where Doc died in a hotel soon after arriving

Doc Holliday by Hill

In good health it seems in this photo

Pen and Sword figure from New Orleans 35 bucks and not worth it

another 54mm figure from the UK

The real truth bares little resemblance to the legend but like most of American history the details that would give us real insight into the past are clouded but what people want things to be .This is the same as the real events of the AWI and Iwo Jima and the Big Horn.

Great plastic figure by Marx of Earp

Warhammer figures

Where they booed you off stage in Doc's time

Great forgotten film.Garner as Earp and the great great Jason Robards as Doc

This is my model replica of Earps Buntline.Many hit the dust from this.

Doc was the only film about the Earps and co.that saw them as the enemy.

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