Wednesday, 1 December 2010

CO. MA . milanese Company , had an Office in via Ettore Ponti.
 Early 1980s specialized in the production of toys for the beach and after the crisis in the sector, who saw an attempt to shift part of the production in China, in 1998 they concluded an agreement and ceded production to Cavallino Toys SpA. The figurines were produced in series of 6 subjects in 6 different poses and were sold in the 1970s, in a transparent plastic bag with cardboard display card, for the price of 150 lire. A particular feature of the milanese company was producing temporary soldiers in bakelite, a completely synthetic resin, introduced in 1925, and already used by Lineol, which easily broke after a fall or collision. Other articles: Sailors, Bersaglieri, Alpine, Followers, Romans, Gauls, Astronauts etc.

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