Saturday, 4 December 2010

stalingrad CRESCENT

If you grew up on American films about WWII, then you're used to seeing German soldiers portrayed as big dumb guys who live on strudel and sauerkraut. In the film Stalingrad, we focus on three German soldiers, all involved in the siege of Stalingrad, where over 1 million people died. The personalities of the soldiers are revealed and we witness the changes that take place as the stressors of war are relentlessly applied. Artfully directed, the suffering of the Russian winter and the horror of combat are expertly portrayed. Some scenes are disturbingly graphic, but how could a responsible film about WWII be made without illustrating the violence? We found the scenes to be vital to the completeness of the film.It was a f9ilm rumoured to have been scuppered by the fascism of international zionism who while liking the sentiments of Ryan didn't like the reality from the German side
it was ten time's better than ryan

Guenter Rohrback, the producer of Das Boot, was involved as one of the executive producers of Stalingrad. We thought that the film equaled the quality of Das Boot, possibly one of the greatest films about war at sea ever made. Joseph Vilsmaier (also directed Brother of Sleep) won the Bavarian Film Award for Best Cinematography (1993). Stalingrad also won Bavarian Film Awards for Best Editing and Best Production.

"It is one of the best movie I ever seen, the 8th army should have won the battle for Stalingrad and,those pigdog ruskies shot. It's a shame that when you mention atrocities German soldiers comes to mind, Those Ruskies also committed a lot of crimes against their own people too. Well enough of this shit. The film is superb and I have seen it 12 times already."

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