Saturday, 4 December 2010


I wouldn't go along with the idea prompted by many toy soldier magazines that everything in the sector is A.1 honky Dory. For instance I stopped buying Replicants when its present seller asked for close on 800 pounds just for info on how he set up his operation, citing that it had cost him that just to set up his operation-eh....wasn't that his thing not mine?
Anyway if I had of got my production set up Steve Weston would be selling the soldiers now as he does with replicants and others.
 I would still like to get a cheap plastic production set up but dealing with the Chinese is tremendously difficult, it seems like you are talking in riddles when you try to set an operation up.
I'm in this business as a hobby and not for one moment am I thinking of profits.I pump everything back into the business to be honest.It was fun doing business with Peter Cole though

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