Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Upside down Cross

Certain myths in life continue to be believed because people want to believe them , like Madre Teresa was a font of goodness, like the vatican is a religous organisation 100 per cent and not a business and lesser things like Sergio Leone was a master of the western.At the same time as the dollar films this Brooks masterpiece came out. It was forgotten in favour of the fascistic Leone films but was 100 times better and its sentiments were manly and socialistic.It had maybe the greatest cinema actor of all time Lee Marvin Okniwa vet, that says it all.
 A rich Texan, J.W. Grant, selects three men and invites them to his private train to offer them a contract: Rescue his wife who has been kidnapped by a Mexican revolutionary. The leader of the men, Rico, decides they would be a better team if Grant would hire one more man, an explosives expert. Grant quickly agrees and soon the four are off to complete the contract. However, while on the trail, they discover some interesting facts, like has Mrs. Grant 'really' been kidnapped? 
Wealthy Texas oilman Joe Grant hires four professional soldiers to retrieve his wife Maria from a Mexican revolutionary and bandit by the name of Jesus Raza who is demanding $100,000 for her return. He promises the four men $10,000 for what amount to 9 nine days work. Two of the men, Rico Fardan and Bill Dolworth, know Raza from their own days fighting with Pancho Villa during the Mexican revolutionary war. They make their way to Raza's encampment - with a battle or two along the way - and in the end have little trouble .Below you can convert these bmc figures for the Lee Marvin personage and also the wild bunch.getting hold of Maria Grant. What they learn however leads them to question just who the kidnappers are and how they should deal with their employer. 
Mr Grant hires four hard-boiled adventurers, Rico Fardan, Bill Dolworth, Jake Sharp and Hans Ehrengard, to rescue his wife Maria, kidnapped by Mexican revolutionary Jesus Raza and took away behond the border. The four professionals are middle-aged and two of them took part in the Mexican revolution. They feel their time is over.
Wealthy J.W. Grant hires Henry Fardan, Jake Sharp, Hans Ehrengard, and Bill Dolworth, each a specialist in his own field, to go into Mexico to bring back his wife, who has been kidnapped by the revolutionary Raza. Fardan and Dolworth, old comrades of Raza's, know both the territory and their foe, but a surprise awaits when they locate the captive Mrs. Grant.Oh and the upside down cross.......well watch the film find out on your own

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